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Hospital & Medical Facilities

Blackhawk Painting, Inc. offers commercial painting services for hospitals and medical facilities, which include full interior and exterior painting (hallways, entryways, pathways, ceilings, etc.), drywall repairs, surface preparations, repairing cracks or holes, removing wall coverings or wallpaper, and so much more.

One of the challenges of painting a medical facility is scheduling the work in a way that will not conflict with the daily operation. In order to accommodate the needs of hospitals and medical facilities, Blackhawk Painting, Inc. will coordinate our work to minimize disruption to your vital operations.


For hospitals and medical facilities built before 1978, we are EPA Lead-Safe Certified for safe lead abatement practices to ensure full compliance with recent RRP rules.

Indoor healthcare environments are critical to the productivity of the staff and the well-being of patients and visitors. In emergency rooms where special coatings help protect sterility; or diagnostic equipment rooms where multi-million dollar, highly sensitive devices are located are not the places to experiment with inexperienced contractors.


There are air quality issues to address, along with considerations of bacteria resistant coatings to promote sterility, aesthetics to promote healing and working around multi-million dollar equipment.


Odor and fumes are another important consideration when painting in a sensitive environment like a hospital or medical facilities. Blackhawk Painting, Inc. is experienced and knowledgeable in how to control VOC emissions by using low-VOC/ Green and no-VOC products, so that your patients can enjoy a freshly painted environment without the odor traditionally associated with new paint.