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CA Lic # 765490
NV Lic # 0074550


Blackhawk Painting, Inc. offers commercial painting services for casinos, which include full interior and exterior painting and an understanding of the requirements and special guidelines they need to follow.

One of the challenges of painting a casino is scheduling the work in a way that will not conflict with the daily operations of a 24/7 industry. In order to accommodate the needs of the casino, Blackhawk Painting, Inc. will coordinate our work to minimize disruption to their operations.


High Traffic Coatings

Specialized Coating Applications

Energy Saving Insulation Coatings

Architectural Applications

Silicone Coatings

Floor & Structure Coating

Ceramic Coatings

Vinyl and Vinyl Esters

Wall Coatings & Coverings

Graphics Art Displays

Texture Coatings